Anti-Bullying Campaign Specifically For "Gingers"

There this anti-bullying ad that shows a group of children mocking a boy with red hair in a school yard. There is another older boy watching and he looks upset about, but does nothing. The next day in the school yard the bullies come back to mock the red haired kid some more, but they see the older boy has dyed his hair red and so they decide not to bother the ginger kid anymore.

This is a nice message and it shows a possible solution to bullying at least when it comes to red haired kids, but this is by no means a way to stop any type of bullying. For instance if you see an Asian kid being picked on you shouldn't show up the next day with your eyes taped wide open so that you look like the Asian kid. That's just stupid. If you see a group picking on a fat kid you shouldn't gain lots of weight quickly to look just like the kid because that's awful for your heart, even though it might still work sort of. And of course if you see an African American kid being teased you don't want to show up in blackface.

Apparently the bullying of "gingers" is a serious thing in the United Kingdom which is stupid because that's where most red haired people come from. That's like being teased for being an Orthodox Jew in Israel. No bullying makes sense, but that makes even less sense. It just goes to show that people will always look for differences to pick out and mock no matter what it is or where they are. That's a scary idea because it means bullying, racism, and other discrimination can never really end. Even if we got rid of all the racism in the world and bullying against homosexuals it would just morph into a new hatred of hipsters or bald people. Is that better? Probably, as long as you're not a member of the newest hated group.

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