Dr. Gay Cures Baby of AIDS in Mississippi

One of the biggest news stories today is how a baby in Mississippi was cured of AIDS after having different medications given to it when it was one day old. The most interesting thing about this story though is that the main doctor involved in this is Dr. Hannah Gay. I'm not making this shit up. How weird is that!

It would figure the doctor who cures AIDS is named "Gay". Now maybe she got into studying AIDS because her name was Gay, but that's a little ridiculous, it has to be pure luck. This is like if someone named Dr. Jeffrey Tumors came up with the cure for Cancer.

The other part of this story I'm concerned about is the baby. Babies need to start practicing safe sex. It should be an absolute outrage when a baby gets HIV/AIDS. Where were its parents?! Kids are growing up too damn fast these days...

Another weird thing is that this happened in Mississippi. Now nothing against Mississippi, but I don't think it's internationally known as the center of medical knowledge. I still can't get over the Dr. Gay thing. This is one of the weirdest coincidences I've seen in a long time and it definitely shows that if there is a God he's got a weird sense of humor. Well I saw what you did there buddy and well done...

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  1. After a little research you will see Mississippi did the first open heart surgery. Installed the first artifical heart. Put a pig heart in a human first. Gave the first under grad degree to a women......Come on man...do some reading jezz