How Young is Too Young to Be a Transgender?

With the recent story about a 9-year-old transgendered child being banned from the girl's bathroom at school for having male genitals, everyone is asking how young is too young to be considered transgender? A lot of people think this is just some elaborate scheme by the boy to allow him entry to the girls' bathroom. To this day I'm still trying to figure out ways to legally get into women's bathrooms, I just can't commit to the whole dress and wig thing quite yet. I'll do that to try and regain custody of my children like Mrs. Doubtfire, but I won't do it just to be in the women's bathroom. It seems fun and exciting, but then once you're inside there's just some old lady applying her lipstick while you're locking the door, just like in "Mrs. Doubtfire". It's pretty boring, at least until the screaming starts and the police show up.

How young is too young to be a transgendered? I think you need to draw the line at a tranny baby. Raising a kid as the opposite gender is always a bad decision that ends up making life very complicated for the kid I mean what are the odds you hit the nail on the head with that? It's pretty rare to guess that right. It's not a good gamble at all. I think the problem with transgender kids is obvious. Whenever there's a news story on a tranny kid it's always a boy who thinks he's a girl not a girl who thinks she's a boy. Why is that? It clearly has to do with the way our society treats gender. If you're a young girl who acts like a boy you're just labeled a "tomboy" or "athletic", it's not seen as weird because why wouldn't a girl want be respected and/or feared by her peers? But if you're a boy who acts like a girl you're immediately considered gay or transgender because why would anyone who wasn't a girl want to do girly nonsense? Raising your son like a girl is considered way more threatening to society than raising a girl like a boy so it's going to be labeled something weird like "transgender" even if it's the kid and his parents doing the labeling themselves.

You just have to be careful labeling your kid too soon because they're going to have to live with that decision either forever or until they figure stuff out. A lot of the times you look back on your childhood and wonder why you ever thought you were a Ghostbuster when you clearly weren't. That's not such a big regret, but looking back wondering why you wore a dress to your Bar Mitzvah, that's a major regret that's going to stick with me, I mean you.

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