Stupid Anti-Smoking Public Service Announcements

I recently saw an anti-smoking ad that featured an older woman who was addicted to cigarettes. She showed how she gets ready in the morning by putting a wig on her bald head and screwing an orange juice cap over the hole in her throat. This is somehow supposed to scare people away from smoking by sending the message "Don't smoke or you'll end up like this ugly freak!" To me, that's ineffective and cruel.

If anything, commercials like this are advertisements promoting smoking. Who wouldn't want to be a beautiful, inspirational woman like that? How dare they present this courageous woman as a sign of what NOT to do. The fact that she herself has agreed to be in the ads is disturbing. Why do we live in a society where people like this are made to feel shitty about themselves? So you have a wig on and a Tropicana orange juice cap in your neck, WHO CARES? The fact that you have the power to keep on going with your life is empowering to all people. If you want to scare people from smoking show them a corpse, don't show a vibrant, strong, uplifting living human being.

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